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Freight Dictionary: Words Beginning from Letter E

Post on August 29, 2019

  • Embargo is a freight term that can be defined as any event which prevents freight from getting handled or accepted. More than often, the embargo is experienced due to some international conflicts or imposed sanctions over any particular country/community of people. However, the embargo events might also include things such as tornadoes, congested highways, or floods.
  • When any issues such as the damage or shortage are noted when a delivery is being made, an exception can be noted over the lading bills before it can be signed off to the destination. This confirms that there was an issue with said shipment.
  • An express is a transportation mode which is mostly a train and travels directly or quickly.
  • An expressway is a well-divided highway which is usually made up of 4 lanes that are wider in shape and size as opposed to normal city roads. These roads are where any direct access or presence of adjacent properties is eliminated.
  • Enterprise-to-Enterprise or Exchange-to-Exchange
  • Also known as Enterprise Application Integration, it mostly refers to one’s ability for sharing information amid software systems present with different companies, specifically, the transmission of data.
  • Export Administration Regulations
  • Exceptions are the discrepancies that are noted during the moment of exchange or delivery. It is based upon the physical attributes or total pieces in the freight exchange.
  • EDI is the electronic yielding of the routine documents in the freight business which includes invoices, purchase orders, as well as lading bills between various computers in the standard format. Transaction sets or data formats are mostly sent between the mainframe computers.
  • Exception is the means of delivery during which the driver or recipient notes the issue with the receipt for delivery prior to signing. Mostly, these exceptions are concerned with damage or shortage.
  • Exclusive use is when a shipper tends to pay the premium rate meant for sole use for a trailer. This trailer is sealed during the loading process while the seal digit is recorded over the manifest. This seal number can be verified before this trailer is unloaded while at the destination. When any shipper requests any trailer for exclusive-use, no other vessel can be added with the unit regardless of the space present.

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