Not just another platform.
Execute transactions Smarter, Better, Faster

Instant Uberization

Control Tower for your entire freight operations on the demand as well as supply sides. A digital meta platform that creates uber clusters out of each freight forwarder.

Efficient, Effective

Break away from disorganized, cluttered email inboxes and spreadsheets that slow down communication, with in platform real-time messaging tools. The platform automates information exchange across your business, connecting stakeholders to help manage transactions better, together.

One Click workflows

Artificial Intelligence backed ‘Smart’ process orchestration to ensure that a transaction is executed in the least number of steps, quickest.

Optomate = Optimize + Automated

From Broken
To Seamless

Traditional freight forwarding communication & processes are disjointed. The Fero platform combines real-time, multichannel communication, visibility and process engineering. Experience the power of automated transaction processing while optimizing lifecycles.

Leverage the
Power of your Data

Machine Learning algorithms that organize your data to reveal actionable insights, presented to you through bite-sized smart analytics. Take a deeper dive into your data, uncover trends and insights that deliver unprecedented business value.

Zero friction
supplier onboarding

Tackling the issue of tech adoption on the supply side by onboarding carriers through the most intuitive and high-engagement collaboration channels, integrated across the operating system to ensure seamlessness of information flow.

Intuitive & easy

Get up and run faster. Onboard your team and get them using our tools in no time. Our fast onboarding process, no-code setup and user-friendly interface minimize down-time so you won’t lose productivity while you get rolling.

Platform Features

Spot and Long-term lease RFQ
360degree Bidding closed loop, market long,
spot & term bids
Robust Lane and Rate management
One screen order management
Custom Milestones & Notifications
Digital Documentation & Invoicing
Manage your own fleet & transporters
Smart Data Analytics