Future Ready Eco-system
for Freight Forwarders

Aggregators using modern technology are trying to eliminate middlemen from the chain hence trying to disrupt freight forwarders. Fero believes that forwarders are the world’s oldest Ubers hence providing SaaS products to help mitigate market risks, stay agile and be disruption-proof and ready for Freight 4.0

Make operations
a competitive advantage

Fero’s Integrated Freight Communications Platform provides benefits of real-time freight quoting and tendering. Leverage automated freight forwarding processes at a fraction of the cost to differentiate, retain and build new customers and compete in any market.

‘Optimise’ Operating Margin

Build a cost-effective supply chain without compromising on service. We help you reduce inefficiencies, eliminate unnecessary charges and balance express and consolidated freight to get your products where they need to be for the best price.

Standardize logistics
processes and operations

Deliver a consistent freight forwarding experience. Centralize order and data management with a collaborative platform that is simple to integrate, scale, deploy, and use.

Build a sustainable freight forwarding business

Take advantage of evolving market conditions. Onboard your customers and suppliers seamlessly. Get Hours of work done in minutes.