We create ‘Smart’ supply chains. Powered by artificial intelligence, delivered by experts.

In a competitive & rapidly evolving landscape, businesses need to be ready to react to changing market and customer needs.

Increased Business
Opportunities & Exposure

Going digital can propel your freight business towards greater prospects. Capture new business opportunities, get access to a wider digital network and run your business efficiently while optimizing returns and vitalizing efficiency and employment opportunities.

Reduced Cost of Sales

TiA offers intelligent freight rate management and online visibility that facilitate cost reduction and accelerate sales. Disconnected and rigid processes lead to customer volatility and inefficiencies that can inflate expenses while digitalizing through the Fero Logistics & Freight ERPs cuts back on operational and direct costs while opening tremendous gainful opportunities in the market.

Improved Operational Efficiencies

Running your freight business on siloes yields non-conducive results. Cumbersome manual processes and lack of efficient and prompt communication leads to utter chaos. Fero’s platform provides unhindered connectivity and integration of information at every level. Increase the value of time and productivity with simple and standardized document management, instant price quotes and a streamlined communication process that provides end-to-end visibility.

Ability to Upsell Value-Added Services

Get connected with a platform that enables you to partner with other logistics providers to upsell services and get additional revenue by providing preferred customers with customized lane rates.

Actionable Data for Better Customer Service

Attain complete visibility through real-time, custom milestone enabled tracking. Boost customer loyalty and serviceability through analytics and actionable insights, alerts and notifications throughout the delivery network enabling strategy development and fully informed decisions allowing quick responses and corrective measures to be taken.