Propel Logistics
with Modern Tools

Fero is a distributed intelligence platform powered by the most advanced programming language framework along with proprietary Machine Learning software, all linked together by RESTful APIs. The quest of the Fero technology team has been to create product/s which are (although extremely highly powerful) extremely simple, fast, and accurate.

Fast and Intuitive
Web portal.

Intelligent Dashboard & analytics
AI-based quotation engine: Get instant best rate for all V-Ts
One click contracts
Real time chat with transporters & Driver over WhatsApp
Send & Receive voice messages, images and files instantly
Built using python for speed
Manage your entire fleet and get real time performance metrics

Agglomerative Clustering

  • Applying Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering algorithms to generate the best rates for our customers, which has

  • More than 300+ Domestic and 500+ Crossborder Lanes.

  • More than 115+ Vehicle Types support

  • Covering the whole GCC.

Seamless Multi-Party Multi-Channel Integration

  • Ensure smooth movements by staying connected with stakeholders over TiA, over WhatsApp

  • Realtime chat support for sharing Images, PDFs, Excels, and much more different types of documents with all Stakeholders over WhatsApp.

  • Custom Milestone Confirmation over voice and realtime notifications for movement across the lanes

Optimize Rate Flows & Automate Repetitive Tasks

  • Built-in Route Optimization and Assignment problem solver.

  • RealTime Tracking of Drivers and Vehicles for efficient planning and forecasting

  • Automatic Escalation through A.I based Anomaly Detection Algorithms, incase of periodic delays, and for quick response over on-going movements.

Probabilistic Algorithms For Financing Decisions

  • Instant calculation for transporter Freight Credit score.

  • Automate Document processing workflow.

  • History Pattern analysis for resolving credit dispensing.