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Information Exchange

There is a time and human capital cost associated with manual intervention for information extraction and dispersal. Human dependence also makes transactions prone to delays and errors. These inefficiencies are mitigated with voice automation by TiA.


Hyper-connectivity across

Heightened transparency and visibility for your shippers, transporters and teams, all at once. Go from quotation to invoicing without needing to make a single phone call or email.


No more waiting around

Quicker turnaround times. TiA is your virtual assistant for coordination; and is available 24✕7✕365 and can handle multiple stakeholders' requests simultaneously.


Save Time, Money
and Increase Efficiency

Automation of redundant tasks frees up human capital for more skilled tasks such as service and quality improvement. TiA has 1,000✕ processing capability  as compared to it's human counterpart.


Technology Siloes

Say bye to engaging with multiple technologies for different stakeholders and tasks. TiA digitalizes and aggregates all your logistics software and stakeholders thus creating a single UBERIZED cluster.


Connect the broken links.
Automate the way you collaborate with your ecosystem.

Explore TiA's Features

TiA can

Provide instant quotes
automate order placement and management
notify trip status updates
provide instant order notifications
do business development
Give invoice and order status
Create Bids
Do customer service
Manage digital documents
collaborate with stakeholders
save time, Money and increase Efficiency
Do much more round the clock.
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