Emerging Future Tech That Will Change the World By 2020

Post on May 28, 2019

  • evolution scenario for modern connectivity in the year 2019 is generally summarized by the word “Internet”. Whether it is cloud storage or latest smart devices, everything is connected with the internet today. For the upcoming year, in-depth personalization is inevitably the most important introduction to be welcomed. The year 2020 is most probably the convenient target for a 10-year prediction in future tech. Invention and innovation go hand-in-hand. Whether it is business or medical needs, change in technology is what makes things better, profitable, and more appealing to the millennial generation. While the year 2019 has started with technological advances that are mobile centric, 2020 is sure to bring more advanced innovations.

5 Future trends that will develop and advance by 2020:

  • Blockchain is the decentralized platform that keeps the crypto currencies together. Apart from that, this technology has financial and security applications that go way beyond the traditional usage. Various companies have started applying this technology to business, health, and security sectors such as simplified tracking, academic information, gaming, and so on. The use of complex algorithms in blockchain helps with creation of unique experiences. Blockchain is beneficial to banks for easy tracking of transactions.A global network is critical to helping banks use blockchain to help transform payments at scale and help reduce risk of failure.
  • The word AI or Artificial Intelligence is something like a thing from a popular sci-fi movie or novella. However, this technology is actually being implemented in wide scale especially with the increase in usage of technology such as cybersecurity, IT, IoT, Artificial Neural Networks, deep learning, prevention of DDoS attacks, etc. It has been dubbed that AI will take over the manpower requirement by a major fraction with lesser changes of errors as things advance with time. AI in ways that will soon help society and business tackle a wider set of more general problems. Such advances will also make it possible to automate more complex physical tasks that require adaptability and agility.
  • The IoT or Internet of Things is the upcoming trend in home-based technology. With home owners adapting systems such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home, the use case for IoT has surely evolved with time. In time, these devices shall continue integration of several home uses into a single harmonious system that utilizes the internet. This allows the user to control everything from TV to security with use of voice commands & personal assistant. IOT devices can bring more convenience and feasibility in day to day life. IOT devices has made its way to business as well. This involves smart automation and flexi robots for the movement of goods from one warehouse to another.
  • Now, in large-scale innovation, automation today is limited to production part in various businesses. However, this change is technology is now finding its way into mainstream business. The automated grocery chain store by Amazon is now eliminating the requirement for cashiers. This has surfaced as one among the major tech changes to take over the year 2020.
  • After the significant price jump of Bitcoin in the year 2017, the major players in the tech front have started taking cryptocurrency very seriously. Along with the major ICOs entering the market like Etherium, more companies are now developing Stablecoins in an attempt to add stability to cryptocurrency transactions without any of the price fluctuations plaguing the finance system. With time, it is expected that these financial assets will transform as the mainstream method for 2020 payment system. Many countries have accepted Cryptocurrency like United states, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Finland etc. Cryptocurrency makes international trade more accessible by removing barriers and restrictions to trade, ultimately making it easier to accept payments in different currencies.
  • Plant based meat created using subsidies of plant is a future of food-tech innovation. Cell based meat is very popular as it does not contain any real meat. This type of food is enjoyed by both vegetarians and Non-vegetarians. This makes strong dietary choices for healthful, high-quality plant-based foods.
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