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10 Freight Words Starting With The Letter A

Post on August 29, 2019

  • A company specializing in transporting shipments via passenger or cargo aircraft. They are preferred, as they take care of all documentation, insurance, and customs, as may be required for a specific shipment.
  • This is essentially a contract between the shipper and the airline tasked with transporting the shipment. Air Waybill lists all information such as shipping instructions, shipping charges, consignment description, etc.
  • Additional costs that are incurred after delivery of shipment. Such costs can be related to any additional services provided or if there is any mismatch between described freight characteristics and delivered shipment.
  • This is an individual or company that functions as a middleman between a shipper and freight company. Agents have contacts with multiple shippers and freight companies, allowing them to arrange for required transportation at short notice. They usually get paid from both shipper and freight company.
  • This is the weight applied by the wheels of a vehicle on the road. Axle load for various types of freight vehicles has been mandated by the government. Freight companies have to follow axle load rules to avoid being penalized for overloading. Loading a vehicle beyond the stipulated axle load can damage the roadway.
  • Shipments that are high-value items and are expected to be transported in a safe and careful manner. The value at which a shipment may be declared AEV varies from country to country. AEV shipments are insured and may attract premium shipping charges.
  • When a shipment arrives at its destination, the consignee gets a notice known as Arrival Notice. The notice contains various types of information such as the number of packages, details about goods, collection charges, etc.
  • All freight coming into the United States has to pass through the AMS system. It is managed by US customs to ensure that only approved products enter the country.
  • Freight companies can either function as brokers between shippers and truck owners or they can have their own fleet. The latter type is referred to as an asset-based freight company.
  • International shipments have to cross the high seas and pass through multiple handlers, which makes it necessary to get all-risk marine insurance. It covers most risks excluding riots, strikes, civil wars, inherent product issues, and intentional damage.

These freight terms will be useful to you in your everyday dealings at work. Your communication and interactions with colleagues, vendors, partners and clients can be improved when you use the right freight terms. Keep refreshing your freight terminology from time to time so that you can always be in control of things and avoid mistakes.

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