Fero’s AI-Powered Freight Service Puts Customers First

Post on August 29, 2019

Walking the Talk: Fero’s Ai-Powered Freight Service Puts Customers First

  • When creating technology across industries, ensuring customer delight should be our prime concern. In logistics/freight forwarding, customer-centricity still remains elusive to the majority.
  • Fero aims to revolutionize the global freight industry by making it automated, seamless and optimized:
  • With Ai, digitization is obvious for the cost-effectiveness of the freight business. Our team at Fero explores all possible scenarios for cost-effectiveness with common solutions such as resource management, risk mitigation, reduced redundancies, bolstering the techniques in traditional forecasting, sped-up deliveries by route optimization, top-notch customer services, and so on. With the presence of the right Ai automation business, our freight service is capable of seamless upgrades in the IT systems while enhancing data analysis function for catering a logical process.
  • Ai today uses the Blockchain technology that isn’t centralized which enables for a scope of unaltered data transparency. Blockchain removes any need for a single entity that could control the inflow or outflow of data in any particular sector. Fero’s implementation of Blockchain allows for distribution of properly validated data which means the beneficiaries are in complete control of their data. Fero ensures that all the prices for freight are completely reasonable with no hidden charges and assured timely delivery. End-to-end freight transparency assures that the prices are minimal and not over-charged.
  • IoT for freight has allowed for safety in the supply chain management by reduction of human interactions and thereby bringing down the risks of any accidents. Fero further implements the sustainable processes via optimization of the resources which includes energy consumption during the transfer of shipments. Further, proper Big Data management and Ai-based ML-driven technology help with an end-to-end supply chain visibility via digitally connected smart devices. Additionally, the inclusion of Ai in the freight sector has resulted in optimized warehousing, effective yard management and machine-based service management for minimal error. Further, effective management of fleet occurs via digitally connected smart devices that can provide assistance in-vehicle usage, tracking the maintenance schedules, proper check of service routes, as well as a reduction in overall fleet downtime.
  • With voice-assistance and process automation, the freight managers easily communicate their verbal directives to the individual systems. Manual update of each parcel in the freight system can be particularly hectic and prone to errors. This is why Fero brings forth the use of voice assistants to automate the services and requirements with faster and better service. Further, the voice-assistance controlled logistics automation comes with the potential to filter the entire process and thus save a good chunk of time and money. In turn, this eases the overall process, thereby, cutting the turnaround time by half than the usual number.
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